Project Introction
Generation of Low Carbon Solar Fuels and Feedstocks
Published:2013-08-02 Hits:818

Research Team Leaders: Guo-Xin Jin  Chris Pickett 


a. Objectives

To develop momentum and to provide a stepping stone for developing joint research proposals to external funding bodies, it is proposed to focus on collaborative research in the area of Solar Fuels and Feedstocks.


b. Fit to Fudan Tyndall Centre Research Strategy

The objectives of the Fudan Tyndall Centre are to build on Fudan’s disciplinary strengths to develop a campus-wide interdisciplinary programme which addresses the challenge of climate change, using the partnership with the Tyndall Centre as a key driver to place the Fudan interdisciplinary platform in a powerful international context. A crucial long-term climate challenge is to develop and commercialise new and lower-carbon energy materials and energy futures. The LAM and the EML have complementary expertise and are well-placed make a unique contribution to the Fudan Tyndall Centre’s research programme in a way which will enhance and widen its interdisciplinarity.


c. Methods 

Photoelectrochemical generation of molecular hydrogen 

Photoelectrochemical generation of carbon monoxide


d. International Collaborations 

The collaborative research between two internationally regarded Materials Laboratories involves practical work by Fudan and UK partners in each Laboratory. 


e. Outputs.

The outcomes will be several publications in high-impact international journals, and the joint planning of research proposals to the National Science Foundation in China and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in the UK. 

As importantly, the research will position Fudan internationally as developing an interdisciplinary research programme in the global challenge area of climate change which includes long-term physical sciences and technology research directly to develop a low carbon energy future. It is expected that there will be mid/long-term commercialisation opportunities from the proposed research.