Research Programmes
The following projects, which vary in length from 6 to 36 months duration, have been supported and funded to the tune of 25 Million RMB in Phase 1 of the Fudan Tyndall Centre Research Programme. They have been supported with both tactical and strategic criteria in mind; both to build a truly interdisciplinary platform at Fudan, and to pursue strategically important research consistent with the Fudan Tyndall Centre Research Strategy and national priorities. The prime axis of international collaboration in the Phase 1 funded projects is between Fudan and the UK Tyndall Centre Universities, but it is not the only dimension of international collaboration; other research centres in other countries are also involved.
Phase 2 funding will continue to be utilized to fulfill these objectives, but will increasingly be directed to helping build collaborations with other Centres and Institutes in China where excellent climate-related research is undertaken and, most importantly, exploit the wider international linkages of the Tyndall Centre in the UK in order to facilitate even more effective research collaborations between China and other countries. The designation of International Joint Research Centre to the Fudan Tyndall Centre will be a vitally important step in that regard.