Project Introction
Theories and Methods of Chinese Urban Carbon Management
Published:2013-08-02 Hits:898

Research Team Leaders:Tao MA


a. Objectives

  • Building the theoretical framework of Chinese urban carbon management including carbon emission management, carbon sink management, carbon management contract, low-carbon Environmental Impact Assessment, low-carbon city evaluation index system.
  • Providing Carbon Management Toolkit for Chinese cities to promote low-carbon economy.
b. Fit to Fudan Tyndall Centre Research Strategy
   The role of urban carbon management is essential in attempting to mitigate climate change. Theories and methods of urban carbon management are urgently needed by central and local governments of China which are the main promoters of low-carbon economy. 
c. Methods
  • Literature Research.
  • Survey Research. 
  • Comparative Research.
  • PSR model and AHP analysis.
  • Case Study.
d. International Collaborations
   Foreign theories, methods, technologies and management experiences in this area will be learned and referred.
e. Outputs.
  • One research report (more than 150,000 words).
  • Two or three policy proposals for the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction, or the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China.
  • Two or three scientific papers published in SSCI or CSSCI journals.