Sino-Canadian Lectures on Water Resources and Water Environment for Urban Sustainability
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Sino-Canadian Lectures on Water Resources and Water Environment for Urban Sustainability


Time:29-30 October, 2018, 09:00-17:50

Venue: Meeting Room 1021, Environmental Science Building, Jiangwan Campus of Fudan University


Dr. Yujing Xie, E-mail:,

Tel.:31248923, Mobile: 15921874788

Dr. Lei Fang, E-mail:,

Tel.:31248924, Mobile: 18217193110


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Lecture title

Prof. François Anctil

Water Engineering

On the multiple applications of streamflow modelling exploiting information issued by atmospheric land surface models

Prof. Brian Morse

Water Engineering

China-Canada collaborations of the International Affairs Committee, the Canadian Committee on River Ice Processes and the Environment CRIPE (ice floes), winter estuaries, and the inclusion of artificial intelligence in flood management

Dr. Daniel Nadeau

Water Engineering

Modeling heat and water fluxes at the land-atmosphere interface : from dense urban areas to the subarctic tundra

Dr. Monique Poulin


Developing conservation and restoration approaches adapted to optimize ecosystem services and biodiversity in both urban and urban landscapes, with a specific focus on wetlands and riparian habitats

Prof. André Potvin


Water erosion as form-giver for urban and architectural design

Prof. Manuel Rodriguez

Land Planning

Emerging issues for drinking water protection from the watershed to the citizen’s tap

Prof. René Therrien

Geological Eng.

Integrated Surface-Subsurface Hydrological Modeling to Support Water Resources Management

Dr. Amaury Tilmant

Water Engineering

Hydro-economic modelling: current and future challenges

Prof. Peter Vanrolleghem


Water Engineering

Climate change and waste water management - A two-way street

Dr. Céline Vaneeckhaute

Chemical Eng.

Resource Recovery and Bio-Products Engineering