Transforming food and beverage wastes to high value-added products
Published:2017-10-11 Hits:1095


Speaker: Carol S.K. Lin

Time: Oct. 11th, 10:00-11:30am

Venue: No 1. Meeting Room, the 4th floor, Guanghua building


About the speaker:

Carol is an Associate Professor in the School of Energy and Environment at the City University of Hong Kong. Carol has a BEng in Chemical and Materials Engineering from the University of Auckland, New Zealand and a PhD in biochemical engineering from the University of Manchester, UK. She was a postdoctoral researcher in the Centre of Expertise – Industrial Biotechnology and Biocatalysis ( at the Ghent University in Belgium. Carol’s research interests lie in the waste-based biorefinery for sustainable production of chemicals, materials and fuels, with special focus on valorisation of food, agricultural and textile waste streams.



The design of benign and environmentally sound methodologies has been the driving force of scientists in recent years. Food waste biorefinery valorisation strategies for sustainable production of useful chemicals, materials and fuels have been developed in our group in recent years. These topics have extensively covered the bioconversion which includes enzymatic hydrolysis as upstreaming process, fermentation and downstream processes, as well as in techno-economic evaluation practice. In this talk, we aim to provide an overview of recent efforts from our group in leading the future of global food scientists and technologists. Two current research projects including the bioconversion of food and beverage waste streams, and agricultural residues for the nutrient recovery of value-added products will be introduced.