"Climate Change and Energy" was awarded an excellent English course of Fudan University
Published:2017-09-14 Hits:1909


According to the "Notice of Reviewing the Application of Excellent English Course of Fudan University " ([2017] No. 11), An steering group was formed for reviewing international course applications. During the spring semester of 2017, the steering group has reviewed the application of "Climate Change and Energy" in accordance with the requirements of the notice. Dr. Ping Jiang, the associate professor of Fudan Tyndall Centre, is responsible for the teaching of "Climate Change and Energy" course. After assessing the course (which include reviewing the application materials and on-site auditing in the class, the steering group believes that "the teacher’s English is fluent. The curriculum content fits the current widespread students, and can brings exercise of speaking and thinking ability of students in the course. Students actively participated and interacted in the class ". The steering group also pointed out that the course website can “give students basic knowledge of course and the content and construction of the website can be further strengthened and enriched".


Based on the results of the application review and publicity at the website of the dean's office of Fudan University, the "Climate Change and Energy" course was awarded as an excellent English course of Fudan University on 13 September, 2017.