The delegation of University of East Anglia visited Fudan University
Published:2017-04-05 Hits:1358


Prof. Philip Gilmartin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Science of University of East Anglia (UEA), and the delegation of UEA visited Fudan University on 31 March, 2017. The members of delegations include Prof. Enrique Fatas, Dean of the School of Economics, Prof. Kristy Sanderson from the School of Health Sciences,  Prof. Ganesan from the School of Pharmacy, Dr. Zhu Liu from Tyndall Center. Zhou Yaming, the Vice President of Fudan University,, Zhu Chouwen, Director of Fudan Foreign Affairs Office, Chen Jianmin, Director of Fudan Tyndall Center, Jiang Ping and Wang Yutao from Fudan Tyndall Centre, and Chen Shiyi, Vice Dean of the School of Economics of Fudan University joint the meeting.


Vice President Zhou Yaming firstly welcomed UEA delegation’s visit, and he expressed his satisfaction and support for the collaboration between two universities, especially for the collaboration made based on the platform of Fudan Tyndall Centre. He stressed that Fudan University has always supported the international cooperation in researching and teaching.


Prof. Philip Gilmartin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of UEA, thanked for the reception of Fudan, he is satisfied with the long term collaboration between UEA and Fudan. Prof. Philip Gilmartin hoped that the two universities’ collaboration can be expanded to broad areas besides the environmental sciences. He introduced members of the delegation of UEA, every member briefly introduced themselves and expressed their willingness to cooperate. Each member of Fudan University who participated the meeting also introduced their research areas and hoped to make collaborations with UEA.


After the meeting, Fudan University scholars and representatives of UEA conducted separate meetings. Dr. Zhu Liu from Tyndall Center invited to visit the Fudan Tyndall center, and made a lecture entitled "Anthropogenic carbon cycles and the implications for global sustainability" at  the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering.