Prof. Phil Gilmartin,Executive Dean of the University of East Anglia, visited Fudan University
Published:2016-12-09 Hits:1148


Prof. Phil Gilmartin, Executive Dean of the University of East Anglia, visited Fudan University on 8 December 2016. The visit was arranged by the Foreign Affairs Office of Fudan. Prof. Yinzhang Chen, Director of Nordic Center of Fudan, Prof. Jianmin Chen, Director of Fudan Tyndall Centre, Dr. Ping Jiang, Director Assistant of Fudan Tyndall Centre joint the meeting with Prof. Gilmartin. Prof Jianmin Chen firstly gave his suggestions on the collaboration with UEA in different areas such as environmental sciences, chemistry, economics, history and he introduced some researchers from different departments/schools, who could have interests in collaborations with UEA. Prof. Gilmartin appreciated the introduction and advice from Prof Chen, he said that UEA and Fudan had made achievements in joint studies of environmental sciences and climate change. He hoped that two universities could broad the area of collaboration, and he also gave his ideas in the teaching cooperation such as 2+2 degree programme.


Both Prof. Chen and Prof. Gilmartin believed that Fudan Tyndall Centre is the core of collaboration between two universities. And they agreed that both sides can strengthen the connection through making workshops, join studies, and students exchanges. Based on the agreement of meeting, the delegation of UEA will visit Fudan in March 2017, a MOU is going to be signed next March for promoting the collaboration between Fudan and UEA.