The Fudan Scholar Program of Fudan Institute of Advanced Study
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The Fudan Scholar Program welcomes excellent scholars oversea to Shanghai for on-campus academic interaction with Fudan colleagues. The program accepts at least 50 person-months of academic visiting annually, and provides favorable environment for independent and creative scholarly research; nurturing young talents for future roles as accomplished scientists. The program includes 3 levels, i.e., Honorary Fudan Scholar, Distinguished Fudan Scholar and Fudan Scholar. The program strives to provide a physical and cultural environment for scholarly research, aiming to bring out to the fullest the intellectual and creative potentials. The program allows scholars to interact with the colleagues and students in Fudan University by workshops, lectures, seminars and other forms while conducting researches.


FDIAS is now accepting applications for the Fudan Scholar program.




·         Applicants have won the Nobel Prize or the Fields Medal or the Turing award or been recommended having the potential to win the same-level awards by committee.

·         Applicants have prominent scientific research potential (young talents or post-doctors).

·         Applicants have the experience of working in a government or international organizations, large enterprises with higher academic exchanges and research ability.


How to apply


·         Registration: All applicants must register online first

·         Documents: All applicants must provide CV, two reference letters (Junior request)

·         Application period:open all year

·         Visiting Period:one week to three months


Allowances & Services


·         A round trip air ticket determined in accordance with IAS regulations.

·         A monthly stipend determined in accordance with IAS regulations.

·         Designated accommodation facilities and offices.




Scholar Program which welcomes excellent scholars oversea to work for Fudan. Please find the detailed information of program at  And the online application system is at