Prof. Dave Petley, Pro-Vice Chancellor of University of East Anglia, visited Fudan University
Published:2016-06-01 Hits:1494


Professor Dave Petley, Pro-Vice Chancellor of University of East Anglia (UEA), and his colleague Dr. Audrey Heppleston visited Fudan University on 31 May, 2016. Prof. ZHOU Yaming, president assistant, Prof ZHU Chouwen, director of the Foreign Affair Office, and Dr. JIANG Ping, director assistant of Fudan Tyndall Centre joined the meeting with Prof. Petley.


Prof. ZHOU firstly welcomed Prof. Petley’s visit to Fudan and introduce the development of collaboration between Fudan and UEA.  Prof. ZHU introduced the progress of main collaboration project between two universities—Fudan Tyndall Centre. Dr. JIANG Ping prepared a summary of activities of Fudan Tyndall Centre for last three years and provided it to Prof. Petley. Dr. JIANG also addressed the potential areas of collaboration and opportunities of applying for international funds (e.g. funding from ERC, ESRC and NSFC).


Prof. Petley, firstly thank Fudan for arranging the meeting and expressed his satisfaction for the collaboration made by two universities before. He stressed that climate change and environmental science are priorities to be promoted by UEA for the collaboration. Prof. Petley would fully support any studies and relevant funding applications (e.g. UN government fund on environmental sciences for developing countries, Newton Found and ERC funding) from both sides. Prof. Petley also introduced that courses and programs such as creative writing, media, and literature are also famous at UEA, and he hoped that two universities could broad the cooperation in these areas. Prof. Petley hoped that the MOUs made by two sides in the past could be renewed soon. 


Prof. ZHOU and Prof. ZHU all agreed that the old MOUs were needed to renew. Dr. JIANG said that he planned to visit UEA for discussing with colleagues of UEA for potential possible funding applications, organizing conferences, and strengthening communications between two universities.  

Finally, Prof. ZHU introduced the Shanghai Forum held at Fudan which was closed on 30 May. He invited scholars from UEA to attend the Shanghai Forum next year. He suggested that Fudan and UEA could jointly propose a session which could be titled “Global Environmental Changes”. Prof. ZHU hoped that some famous researchers, high levels governmental officials from the UK could be invited to come to Shanghai for this forum as well. Prof. Petley was pleased to receive the invitation and said that Shanghai Forum was a good platform for the collaboration between UEA and Fudan.