Prof. Corinne Le Quere, director of Tyndall Centre visits Fudan University
Published:2015-11-19 Hits:1129

The 2015 Symposium of Department of Environmental Science & Engineering was held at the conference hall of Yifu Building on 19th Nov. Prof. Corinne Le Quere, director of Tyndall Centre  made a speech with the title “The Tyndall Centre Contribution to Climate Change Research Pre and Post Paris”. Prof. Corinne Le Quere comprehensively introduced the challenge of global climate change we are facing, and also presented the necessity and urgency of the response to the global climate change in accordance with the studies of the Tyndall Centre undertaken in recent years. Finally, Prof. Le Quere Corinne hoped the global climate change conference which will be held in Paris in December can make a positive progress of international actions to tackle climate change.


Prof. Corinne Le Quere Professor was invited by Fudan Tyndall Centre to make a 2-day visit to Fudan University. She had meetings with Prof Xin Yang and Prof Lin Wang, dean and vice dean of Department of environmental Science & Engineering, Prof Xize Peng, dean of School of Social Development and Public Policy, Prof Libo Wu from School of Economy and other researchers at Fudan University.